The Four-Hour Window

Did you know that you can manually claim specific business listings for each site in the PowerListings network within four hours of adding a new client? We’ve noticed that a number of Certified Partners’ clients could benefit from this feature being used more, so I’ve written up this handy guide to a great bit of functionality that you might not have known about.

Tasks Pending & Identify Listings

Sometimes Partners contact us wondering how they can match to specific listings that they’ve been managing across our network sites. Claiming incorrect listings or creating duplicate listings is a serious problem for any SEO firm looking to do right by their clients.

However, it’s also a preventable one. When you add a new client to your Partner account, you can log into their dashboard and choose to manually select the listing on the partner site that matches the business. This will ensure that the correct listing is matched to the business, and that no duplicate listing is created.

Note: the “Tasks Pending” prompt only appears for the first four hours after the client is added. After this four hour period, we handle the matching on your behalf in order to move the process along and get your client’s account up and running. This means that you’ll need to move quickly to ensure that the matching is done both correctly and completely.

How to Identify and Confirm Listings

Once you’ve added a client, click through to the Listings tab of the client dashboard. You should see a page that looks like this:

[image removed due to copyright]

If you hover over a specific publisher, you should see the “Identify Listings” option. Click it.

[image removed due to copyright]

You should be shown a page with all of the available publishers and the matched listing for that business, if any record for it exists on those websites. Each tile will include the business name, address, and phone number. To the right will be a prompt asking if the listing is correct or not. To the bottom right will be a link labeled More Options ?.

[image removed due to copyright]

Clicking “More Options ?” will bring up the dialog box below that lays out alternate options for identifying the listing.

[image removed due to copyright]

From this pane, you can View Live Listing, Opt Out, Select this listing, or let Yext handle the listing for you.

If you choose No in the tile, the dialog box below will pop open, allowing you to search that publisher directly for the correct business listing.

[image removed due to copyright]

From this dialog box, you can manually search for your listing on WhitePages using the search function. The map and results will show you live listings that you can select to take over. If it turns out your listing isn’t on that publisher, you can choose to add it to the publisher at the bottom of the pop-up.

T-Minus Four Hours

Remember, you must do this within four (4) hours of signing a client on. Once you’re outside of that window, you won’t be able to reassociate listings save for the social media pages, which you will need to contact Partner Support to do.

Be sure to check this every time you add a client/location. For the most part, our system will find the correct business to match and lock, but taking five extra minutes to scan through the identified listings is the easiest way for you to ensure that we’re powering the listings you want to control.