Rich Media Adds Lift

At Yext, we’re always diving into our data to find out if our product is really solving problems for our customers. We’ve wondered ourselves: does adding rich media and enhanced content actually affect how well a listing does?

What we’ve found is in line with that we’ve been saying. Adding rich media — photos, videos, a featured message — improves the number of impressions as well as the click through rate. A business that looks more engaged receives more business. It’s self-fulfilling!

Just look at how the number of impressions changed when the listing featured enhanced content:

252% lift
228% lift
155% lift
Added a photo
Added a video
Added an event calendar, product list, staff bio, or menu

And lest you think those numbers are from a particularly rosy period, let me put those suspicions to rest: that data is from February 2014.

As you can see, even adding one piece of rich media can improve your clients’ performance by an order of magnitude. Put differently:

Businesses without rich media are missing out.