Local and Mobile Are the Same

Our CEO, Howard Lerman, has a talk that he gives sometimes that boils down to one message: people are local. The entire local marketing industry is built on this premise: people spend where they live, and they want convenience above all. In that regard, the rise of smartphones and geolocation has been a boon to local marketing; smartphones make it easier than ever to find and target users within a specific geofence.

In fact, just last year, we released our Yext Quarterly in which Greg Stirling reported that mobile accounts for 50% of local searches — even though mobile accounts for only 15% of all internet traffic. The search number has unquestionably gone up in the year since, as people come to rely more and more on their mobile phones. In addition, the rise of location-based apps (e.g. Tinder, Ingress, and Swarm) has spurred the explosion of mobile in importance and as a make-or-break factor in the local marketing space.

On the Bing Ads blog, John Gagnon talks about the most important metrics to look at on mobile platforms to measure performance. He outlines his top three:

Even though a year has passed, the best practices for mobile attention have not:

As the world grows more local, mobile will be inextricably linked to the movement. Get ahead of the competition by making this connection for your clients first and optimizing their locations for mobile discovery.