About: Aarthi Devanathan

I am an experienced Community Manager and Content Marketer currently based in New York City. I've worked in tech since 2011, covering everything from customer service to event planning, content marketing, data analysis, project management, and social media. I am personable, smart, and I get things done.


I graduated from Indiana University with a Bachelor of Science in Business Economics and Public Policy Analysis. I minored in Mathematics and Spanish.

While at Indiana University, I was involved in the Residence Halls Association, where I was their Director of Environmentalism for two years. I also performed in the University Chorale for 3 consecutive semesters.

Work Experience

I worked at Yext as their Community and Content Manager. I oversaw the Yext Parner Community in all aspects -- I wrote copy, I managed the newsletter, I forwarded support requests, and handled user outreach. I also managed the Yext social presence during promotions for the Partner channel. I also created one-sheets and other marketing materials for the Partner team to provide to resellers. I revamped the Partner Certification process to be more lightweight, reducing time to complete from over 1 hour to 10 minutes. I also produced a webinar and a whitepaper for the company.

Prior to that, I worked at Stack Exchange, a network of Q&A forum-style websites, as a Community Manager. I managed 15 verticals spanning topics as diverse as Unix/Linux operating systems, Islam, LEGO (R) bricks, Information Security, Home Improvement, Parenting, and Personal Finance. I managed the moderator team, ran quality audits, managed conference sponsorships, oversaw distribution and inventory of site and network branded novelty items, addressed account and site usage problems via email support, arranged vertical-specific contests and other participation boosters, ran per-site and network-wide events, and wrote internal documentation.

My previous internships and other work had a nonprofit focus, with much of it centered around environmental activism. I interned with the City of Plano for 3 consecutive summers, managing youth outreach programs and organizing projects and outreach opportunities for a teen and pre-teen audience. I wrote lesson plans, put together retrospective reports, and found ways to make programs and projects repeatable and economical. I leveraged early Web 2.0 softwares to connect students and communities, such as blogs and a more nascent Facebook.

Passion Projects

In addition to my professional experience, I am the creator and co-host of a niche podcast, Back in the Field, which is focusd on the FOX sitcom Brooklyn NIne-Nine. Launched in May 2014, BITF is a weekly podcast about the show, covering behind-the-scenes tidbits, deeper analysis of the show's characters and plotlines, speculation about future episodes, as well as guest spots by professional connections in the world of media, television, and sometimes the show itself. BITF averages a listenership of 100+ people weekly, with reach fluctuating depending on the show itself. Built from the ground up, it is a passion project in the truest sense of the phrase.